Many months after the first attack, survivors are regrouping... and so are zombies. Here we see another group that has met up with soldiers in time of need. Since there has been so much time after the initial attack, survivors have fled into mountains and forests where zombie populations are not so dense. These survivors are in the mountains. INFO: Scientists discovered that the zombies came from a toxic spill when a giant ship sank leaving behind the mysterious waste floating on the surface. It started when anyone who went in the water was infected, then they passed it on, and they passed it on to another person.... until most of the world was filled with flesh eating zombies. It began on Cedar Island a small island in the Caribbean. Then it worked it's way all over the world (see "Zombie Siege") The only survivors left are people immune to the waste. However, no one is immune to being eaten by zombies.

The survivors here have made a barricaded campsite in the mountains where Zombies are sparse.

They wait for the arrival of a helicopter, but as they wait, time runs low. Zombies begin rushing in very quickly.

The helicopter is in site now, but the zombies are even closer.

The helicopter is filled with soldiers trying to cover the unfortunate group of survivors.

The pilot begins to land.

But more zombies gather to the camp

The Zombie's meal is getting closer...

In all of the action, a biker tries to flee away from the zombies. He must have been chased here. That is why they wandered into the mountains.

He is tackled off of his bike.

The survivors begin to gain hope when the sound of the helicopter is directly above.

But it is a battle of who can reach the camp first, and the zombies are banging at the walls of the camp. The walls can hold them off for only so long.

When all might seem to be lost, and when they are almost guaranteed that they all won't survive.... The sound of the helicopter's propeller scares the undead away. They turn tails and rush in the other direction.

The helicopter lands and a roar of applause comes from the lucky survivors. They are then brought to the nearest survivor refuge. Those few minutes of their lives might have been the scariest.

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