So yeah. The penguins all died out, and so the cold desolate earth remained, a chilling barren place. There were no traces of life on it, so it was suspected that all life had come to an end.

But perhaps you had found a contradiction in the previous sentence? If there were no traces of life, how could someone suspect there were no traces of life?

For there was a life form, not just "a", but many life forms actually. Polar bears remained, all forgotten, buried away, under the cold snow. They emerged from underneath and slumped across the cold land, searching for food, but only they remained.

So the only thing left to do...was to eat one another. They fought to the death, then devouring the remains of its opponent, until there were only two left. The battle between which would survive. The one on the left raised his paw, bringing it down swiftly. It cut through the other's flesh, leaving a pool of blood on the ice. The other struck, but it was blocked, and then countered to the head. The one on the right, brought his paw up for one last strike, but he was too late, as the other cut through his neck. The other polar bear ate his flesh, until all that was left was skin and bones. Then he set off...

wandering forever...

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