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Jeff Metal, leader of the Metal Heads, organized the first fuel depot operations from Ronche to Swezak. In 2025 Jeff moved a small group of Ronche Patrol (10 people) to Swezak. They ended up in Molmoe. One soldier heard the oddest noises from underground. They all dug around and found a little cave with an odd portal in it. They asked Jeff for supplies to build a small base around it. The group lost 5 men who went in the portal, one soldier, George McGaff, came back alive, he was too traumitized to be able to tell his friends what they saw. But in-game he is found dead, his death has an unknown reason. Some say he fell asleep and a spider chewed threw his Metal Armor and killed him. Others say it was whatever he saw in the portal that killed him. So there are now 3 soldiers in the group in Swezak.