Real Name: Cooler
  • Other Names: Emperor Cooler
  • Lord Cooler
  • Age: Unknown
  • Family: Frieza (brother)
  • King Cold (father)
  • Meta-Cooler (reincarnation counterpart in Afterworld)
  • Friends: Salza (minion tougher than Cooler/2nd in command/bodyguard/Commander/boss when Cooler is absent)
  • Neiz (minion)
  • Doore (minion)
  • Lord Slug (comrade)
  • Angila (second in command comrade's minion)
  • Medamatcha (comrade's minion)
  • Wings (comrade's minion)
  • Darth Vader (comrade)
  • Alliegance: Cooler's Anmored Squadron
  • Space Assassin
  • Cooler's Army
  • Appears in: Full Metal Apocalypse
  • Extreme Apocalypse


    Cooler is a purple man with a tail, webbed feet, white sides of his head, white top of head, blue medium thick line on his head, red under his eyes, red eyes, thin short lines on the near front of the white sides of his head (they are his ears), a white chest, white shoulders, and white gauntlets on his legs, and arms.


    Cooler grows 3 short horns on his back (2 on top, and 1 on bottom), 4 straight horns on his head (2 on top, and 2 on the sides), a mouth cover, secondary shoulders that look like hoops, but are white, and his real shoulders are now purple. Cooler's eyes are completely red, his muscles grow bigger (2.4 inches wider, and bigger), he forms blades that look like the ones on Batman's gloves on his gauntlet (on arms), and forms blue ovals on the gauntlets (on legs).


    King Vegeta: Father of Vegeta

    Cooler makes numerous appearances in the movie, first he was seen fighting Superman's Father, but one punch in the jaw killed the king of Krypton. Then he confronted King Vegeta after Superboy, and Raditz prepare to fight Cooler. Cooler was having to give Neiz, and Doore orders, then Superboy barged in Cooler's office without permission. Then at the near end, Cooler won, he used the Supernova to absorb King Vegeta's energy blast, then he ambushed King Vegeta in his Supernova, but Cooler accidentally killed some of Lord Slug's Soldiers. Then Cooler blew up Tamaran.

    Full Metal Apocalypse: Lord Slug's Revenge

    Cooler made a brief appearance in Lord Slug's ship being seen in a video of him destroying Tamaran while Lord Slug, Wings, Angila, and Medamatcha watch in joy.

    Apocalypse Again

    Cooler made another brief appearance in Apocalypse Again confronting Robin, and Miss Martian. Then Robin told Cooler that he wasn't a stranger. Then Cooler brought up his army (Master Shen, Jeice, Kogu, Zangya, Bido, Guldo, Burter, Angila, and Captain Ginyu)