Blitz is a cream of delight that won't settle with comparison to the cool whip. "What do you think?" asked I to an unamed contender. "I wish to God you'lle stop calling me and leave me the fuck alon" says he. bullshit

Blitz is a sport similar to soccer, where the most brutally trained soccer players pley is a stone field filled with colored water and fog. where people watch them fight over the ball made out of clear hard plastic and beating eachother sencless!which ever team gets the ball first their best kicker has to kick it into the opposite teams triangular goal!! if they miss and it hits the ground infront of it, the teams have to fight over it again, and reapeat!once you'e scored, the teams take a five minute break and repeat in the middle of the field! It is a Kamakaze of passion and hope for their country, for countries all over the world compete for the title of the best soccer players in th world. Mr McVarrey of Uconn says, "Its a great sport for us connecticans created it."