A Doomsday film is a motion picture which tells the story of an actual or fictitious doomsday event and/or its aftermath. The true Doomsday film chronicles an event that is global in scale. A more localized catastrophe, such as the destruction of a city, which can serve as a dramatic microcosm of a full-scale doomsday event is more accurately categorized as a disaster film, although the line is flexible, and in many cases it is not known to the characters (or the viewer) whether the cataclysm is local or global. Alternatively, a Doomsday film may tell a suspenseful story in which a doomsday event is narrowly averted. The doomsday theme can be regarded as defining a distinct sub-genre of such broader film genres as suspense, thriller, horror, science fiction, fantasy, action, disaster, war, adventure, or even comedy.

List of noteworthy Doomsday films in chronological orderEdit

Before 1950Edit








Television seriesEdit

Several television series have also been based upon Doomsday or post-Doomsday scenarios:

Doomsday scenarios have also been featured or referenced in many science fiction television series, often as part of the show's backstory, including Star Trek and its spinoffs (particularly Star Trek: Enterprise), Doctor Who, Dark Angel and The Twilight Zone. Throughout the Futurama series, professor Farnsworth boasts about his nine different doomsday devices and they are often referred to or a part of the plot.

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