This faction is the most vicious gang/miltia in the world. Everyone in Hard Metal are horrible people who murder and steal. Jeff Metal is trying to take over the world, from the United States to Russia to Australia to Italy. Jeff decided to make a patrol in Ronche and slowly move on to Swezak. By 2025 Jeff moved a small group of Ronche Patrol (10 people) to Swezak. They ended up in Molmoe. One soldier heard the oddest noises from underground. They all dug around and found a little cave with an odd portal in it. They asked Jeff for supplies to build a small base around it. The group lost 5 men who went in the portal, one soldier, George McGaff, came back alive, he was too traumitized to be able to tell his friends what they saw. But in-game he is found dead, his death has an unknown reason. Some say he fell asleep and a spider chewed threw his Power Armor and killed him. Others say it was whatever he saw in the portal that killed him. So there are now 3 soldiers in the group in Swezak.

Leader: Jeff Metal